Try and Say Abracadabra!


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The little birds are learning to fly.

All but one: Little Owl just doesn’t seem to get it!

“It’s easy” Tortoise says and gives him a magical tip to help him succeed.

This is a charming story with the moral “if at first you don’t succeed, try and try again” behind it, as well as how encouragement & support from those around us can make all the difference!

An original & beautiful picture book about doing our best and never giving up…

Author/Illustrator: Written by Maria Loretta Giraldo, Illustrated by Nicoletta Bertelle
Extent: 32 pages
Format: HARDBACK 260 X 195MM
ISBN: 9781857144680
Age range: 3+ years


Maria Loretta Giraldo has had more than one hundred children’s books published with major Italian publishing houses, including Giunti, Fabbri, De Agostini, Sao Paolo, Rizzoli, Fatatrac, Bohem Press. They are translated all over the world. Maria lives in Dolo, in the Venetian area of Italy. She has been working with the illustrator Nicoletta Bertelle for a long time over several projects of which this is the most recent.

Nicoletta Bertelle was trained by teachers of the calibre of Stepan Zavrel and Emanuele Luzzati, and has illustrated over 70 books for Italian and foreign publishers, including Bohem Press, Fatatrac, Giunti, Cedam, Sao Paulo, Arka, Fabbri, Messaggero. One of her stories has been made into an animation by Rai, Italy. Nicoletta lives in Padua, Italy.


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