The Wolf Who Fell Out of a Book


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Thud! A wolf falls out of a book! In his own book, he was a scary wolf with sharp pointy teeth. But in this room,

he’s all alone with a huge, unfriendly cat glaring down at him.

Quickly, he slips into another book. Who knows which story he will jump into?

Dropping into a magnificent ballroom and a world of dinosaurs, the wolf finds himself in some tricky situations before finally ending up in the book where he belongs.

Enchanting illustrations and familiar storybook characters make for an intriguing and lively adventure.

Author/Illustrator: Thierry Robberecht, Gregoire Mabire
Extent: 32 pages
Format: HARDBACK 275 X 225MM
ISBN: 9781857144635
Age range: 3+ years


Thierry Robberecht is a popular Belgian author published by Casterman. As well as writing many books for children he is also a songwriter and has written scripts for graphic novels.

Grégoire Mabire was born in France. He studied illustration at the Saint Luc Institute in Brussels. Since then he has created many picture books and contributed to children’s magazines.