The Sofia Tree


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Sofia is excited about Christmas coming and is determined that her tree will be the most beautifully decorated. With the help of the forester, she finds the perfect fir tree and takes it by sledge back home. Then to her surprise she is visited by an angel and Sofia is taken on a very special journey … This is a magical and soulful Christmas story for people of all ages to enjoy. 

Author/Illustrator: Written by Alberto Benevelli
Illustrated by Nicoletta Bertelle
Extent: 36 pages
Format: Hardback 220 x 240mm
ISBN: 9781857144888
Age range: 4+ years


AUTHOR: Alberto Benevelli has had 80 books published, many of which have been translated into different languages and also exhibited in major Italian illustration exhibitions. He loves Christmas and he has written 11 books on this subject. He says of himself: “I write I admit, but I’m not a writer. Writers write for words, I write for pictures. When I make up a story in my mind, it comes firstly in figures and colours. Then I translate them into words. It is a very difficult process because, even if the words and the images coexist together in the book, they speak different languages.” 

ILLUSTRATOR: Nicoletta Bertelle lives in Itay: In thirty years I have illustrated over 120 books, most of which are translated into many languages. I have illustrated books, posters, sets, panels, paintings, wooden objects … and I work with children in schools, museums and libraries, doing workshops and animated readings with them. Illustrating is a source of joy for me! 


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