Roots of Hatha Yoga


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Take a magical trip to India with Roots of Hatha Yoga, and meet some of the rishis from ancient times who are synonymous with the practice. Dr James Mallinson travelled to India for the first time at the age of 17, and received initiation into a Hindu religious order of Yogis, called Tagys, in 1992. He is also the only westerner to have received the honorary title of Mahant. His linguistic skills and deep knowledge of India make him the perfect guide to describe the world of Hindu ascetics, since they are the heirs of the first yoga practitioners. He has translated many Sanskrit texts (published by and co-wrote Roots of Yoga with Mark Singleton (Penguin Classics 2017). 

Author/Illustrator: Written by Dr James Mallinson, Illustrated by Piero Macola
Extent: 54pages
Format: Hardback 205 x 260mm
ISBN: 9781857144857
Age range: 13+ years


AUTHOR: Dr James Mallinson is a university lecturer at SOAS. He is a world renowned Sanskrit scholar, with a vast knowledge of hatha yoga. He lives with his family in the U.K. His hobby is paragliding and he leads paragliding holidays in the Himalayas.

ILLUSTRATOR: Piero Macola is a graphic novelist and freelance illustrator, born in Italy in 1976. He completed his studies in Brussels. He moved to Paris in 2002, where he currently lives. Since than he has been working for French and Italian publishers of literature and graphic novels. He is the author of the followings graphic novels, all of them published in France: Les Nuisibles; Kérosène; Le tirailleur; Dérives; Aller simple. Among his works as illustrator, the Italian versions of White fang by Jack London and The puppet boy of Warsaw by Eva Weaver. He also collaborates with newspapers and magazines, creating illustrations and short graphic novels.



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