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A book that focuses on practical suggestions on how to avoid things made of plastic in daily life. It’s kids who are already aware of the world wide environmental perils of plastic. That’s why they will appreciate the non-preachy tone of this book and welcome the recommendations, information & helpful tips. 

Author/Illustrator: Written by Dela Kienle
Illustrated by Horst Hellmeier
Extent: 48 pages
Format: paperback 130 x 185mm
ISBN: 978 1 85714 4871
Age range: 8+ years


AUTHOR: Horst Hellmeier works as freelance illustrator. When he’s not illustrating, he enjoys walking in the woods. 

ILLUSTRATOR: Dela Kienle ususally writes for highly esteemed magazines, however she finds writing for kids simply the best. Up to now she has written more than 15 books for children, and hopefully there are more to come! 


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