Of Serpent Born


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Anitha has just turned sixteen. She is intelligent and studious, but feels like a misfit amongst her school peers and her own extended family. Having lost her father tragically as a baby, she still harbours sorrow and rage. Only nature seems to give her solace and peace. 

Anitha’s mother, is isolated by her in-laws, who blame her for her husband’s death, as well as struggling with being a single parent. She is still heart broken, and experiences an emotional and mental breakdown. But then they visit Anitha’s grandmother in India and she discovers an incredible secret about herself and her mother’s matrilineal line. 

Set in York, England & Kerala, India, this is a highly original and exciting first novel for teens & young adults written by Jacqueline Zacharias. It was long listed for Mslexia magazine’s 2016 YA Novel Competition. 

Longlisted for Mslexia Young Adult Fiction / Children’s 2016 award 

Author Written by J.Zacharias
Extent: 142 pages
Format: Paperback 198 X 130MM
ISBN: Paperback 9781857144727
Age range: Young Adult


J. Zacharias was born in Singapore, and has a BA in Southeast Asian Studies, Political Science and Ancient Philosophy from The National University of Singapore. Zacharias subsequently went on to train as a Secondary School teacher in the National Institute of Education. This is her first novel. Her hobbies are dancing, chanting and walking in the countryside of Yorkshire where she lives. 


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