Man in the Mountain


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The man in the mountain lay dozing for years
And all kinds of music would play in his ears… 

The man in the mountain loves the view from his home of the ocean and forest, but he yearns to see more of the world. Yet whenever he tries to move, he terrifies the woodland creatures around him. Only a small, well-travelled cuckoo is brave enough to come to his rescue… Inspired by themes of freedom and friendship, Man in the Mountain is a charming rhyming story that evokes the beauty of the natural world. Illustrator Gaia D’Alconzo brings Natalie Ramm’s verse to life with playful and heartwarming illustrations.


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Man in the Mountain

Here's a dreamy and lyrical tale that will send your mind on a whimsical journey. "Man in the Mountain" by Natalie Ramm and Gaia D'Alconzo is the story of a solitary soul who has spent many years sleeping, waiting for something to happen. Over the years, the giant becomes attuned to strange music - and on waking, he realises just how beautiful his world really is.  The only problem is that the giant is imposing, and tends to scare everyone he comes into contact with - man or beast.  Only a single brave cuckoo manages to sum up the courage to approach the Man in the Mountain, and become his friend.  Natalie has beautifully woven a story tapestry that aims to help children understand the beauty of the natural world, the satisfaction of friendship however simple, and of course what we stand to lose if our natural world slowly disappears. Her lyrical rhyming story is gorgeously underpinned by Gaia's dream-like and subtle illustrations, bringing this modern fable wonderfully to life in a story that will appeal to all ages.ReadItDaddy
Natalie Ramm is a copywriter and marketing consultant working in the publishing industry. She lives in London, but loves visiting cities and countries all over the world (which is how she met the Man in the Mountain). This is her first book.
Gaia D’Alconzo was born in Padua in 1983. After her high school diploma, she graduated in “History and Preservation of Cultural Heritage” and later specialised in “Children’s Literature, Illustration and Publishing Culture: for a Pedagogy of Reading”. As an apprentice in Sàrmede, she had a chance to work with Linda Wolfsgruber and Nicoletta Bertelle. She has developed many educational experiences in Padua, London and Cuba.