Grandpa Forgets


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Grandpa Forgets is a beautifully simple story about caring for an elderly relative affected by dementia. It will resonate with anyone familiar with this condition and also looks at the positive aspects of life which remain.

Author/Illustrator: Written by Suzi Lewis-Barned, Illustrated by Sophie Elliot
Extent: 28pages
Format: Paperback 270mm x 216mm
ISBN: 9781857144840
Age range: 3+ years

Suzi was born in Tunbridge Wells and grew up near Oxford. She worked as a TV researcher for the BBC, HTV and Channel 4 on radio and television productions, many of them for children. Grandpa Forgets is Suzi’s fifth children’s book and was inspired by caring for a much-loved relative affected by dementia. Suzi is married and has three children.

ILLUSTRATOR: This is Sophie Elliot’s first book. She teaches and practises Art and Design and has always had a passion for illustration and story telling. She has drawn prolifically since childhood and also works as a portrait artist for some time. Sophie lives in a house with three generations on the banks of the River Ock near Oxford.


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