Daisy Fitzpatrick and her worries


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Daisy Fitzpatrick has some things on her mind. Worries and anxieties that affect us all. Fear of the dark, being alone, heights, the sea….with each of these twelve poems, Daisy considers and finds a new perspective, helping her face her worries head on.

Nancy Carroll watched her children, and those of close friends, struggle with anxiety, during the pandemic. All of our families have been overwhelmed and confused. Unsurprisingly, with our normal usurped, children have needed more reassurance and explanations. Daisy’s discoveries offer children something that might help put each fear into a wider context or start conversation that could help. Using rhyme like a heartbeat to comfort and lighten sometimes scary thoughts.


Reviews for
Daisy Fitzpatrick and her worries

"A verbal elastoplast for little and big humans. I wish I could shrink my daughter to an age when she could be read aloud to again."Helena Bonham Carter
"Nancy Carroll’s book is what every parent of small children needs. Beautifully illustrated and sensitively written, Daisy’s worries are those of many a child and Nancy’s words and delightful illustrations go a long way towards helping to banish childhood fears."Alan Titchmarsh
Nancy grew up in south east London. After studying fine art at university, she trained as an actor. She has been working on stage and screen for the last 24 years, but is perhaps best known for playing Lady Felicia in the BBC’s Father Brown. She is married with 2 children. Although Nancy has painted and written poems since childhood, she has relished writing for her own kids since they arrived. Daisy Fitzpatrick is her first published work. She began writing about Daisy’s worries as a response to her children’s rise in anxiety during the 2020 lock down. She lives on the leafy edges of Kent.