Heart of Resistance


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Heart of Resistance is a story of survival against the odds. When a bomb destroys her London home, Agnes is left without parents or a guardian. But she can’t bear to live in a children’s home in the country. She needs to find her grandparents in France – a France occupied by the Nazis.

Smuggled across the Channel, by chance she meets a Resistance group whose leader promises to help her in her quest. In turn, Agnes’s quick thinking saves both their skins. Left in the care of shepherds in the mountains, Agnes’s adventure is only just beginning – can she make it through to the end?

Heart of Resistance is a thrilling and poignant tale with finely drawn characters and a truly suspenseful plot.

About The Author

Sarah Tate has lived in France where she once worked on a vineyard. Now she’s an English teacher, and lives with her family in Sherborne in Dorset. Heart of Resistance is her brilliantly written first novel and marks her as a writer to watch.

Author/Illustrator: Sarah Tate
Extent: 400 pages
Format: Paperback
Size: 198mm x 130mm
Age range: 11+ years
ISBN: 9781857144277